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The Millennial Mission Podcast - Parenting, Personal Finance, and Purpose for the Christian Millennial Couple

Dec 1, 2020

2020 has SUCKED! From the COVID Coronavirus pandemic, to people suffering from unemployment, losing a business, depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug use, losing friends, death, to the chaos of the presidential election.

In this episode we talk about three ways to un-SUCK the Christmas season and be ready, refreshed, and reenergized for 2021!

We also are doing a YUGE Giveaway for the month of December! $400 Cash Money! 

Here is how you can enter:

1.)Get caught up on your episodes. Screen shot any episode (we suggest your favorite one) Share it on social, tag us, (if your account is private, message us to let us know you posted because we cant see your story even if you tag us.)

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This giveaway is going on all december, and the winner will be announced on Christmas Eve morning.

Don't forget to get your "My WHY Journal" for your kids, friends, or family members for Christmas!

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Book Mentioned Link: Deep Work by Cal Newport


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