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The Millennial Mission Podcast - Parenting, Personal Finance, and Purpose for the Christian Millennial Couple

Jan 14, 2021

As we explained in Tuesday’s episode, our Thursday focus topic for the remainder of the month is Millennials. We could not think of a better person to bring on for this topic than author Arden Bevere! 


Arden Bevere is the youngest son of John and Lisa Bevere and the cofounder of Sons & Daughters, a movement committed to raising up a generation of uncompromising followers of Christ who will transform our world. Arden has traveled the world doing ministry and speaking at conferences. He has a passion to see his generation go further than any that came before it, fully alive in this God-adventure. Not only does Arden have a new book coming out this month talking all about Millennials, the labels that hold us back, and what we can do to be better as a generation, but he is a trailblazer for the Christian community as a whole.


If you struggle with caring too much about the opinions of others, fear, anxiety, or are simply looking for some insight on how to continue to grow and improve, this episode is for you. Everything Arden shares is applicable to everyday life and backed with scripture which is exactly where we need to be basing our decisions from. 


Millennials, parents of millennials, and anyone who interacts with or has even met a millennial, we have come so far and yet there is still so much growing to do. So, let’s dive in and learn together! Make sure you are subscribed to the podcast so that you can continue to hear more about how we are planning to grow and empower our generation to RISE UP and be the people they are called to be.


Things We Discussed In The Episode/Episode Highlights: 

  • The struggle of succumbing to fear and not wanting to stand out from the crowd
  • The changes that can take place when we stop putting all of the pressure on ourselves, and instead allow God to work through us
  • How to strip away the labels our generation has been given and instead listen to the callings from God
  • The importance of not replacing the word of God with podcasts, articles, blogs and other well-meaning resources of the world
  • Learning to love people that we disagree with

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