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The Millennial Mission Podcast - Parenting, Personal Finance, and Purpose for the Christian Millennial Couple

May 25, 2021

You guys are lucky today’s episode even exists, because if I (Bethany) had caved into my selfish desires, I’d have cancelled this interview and used this hour with today’s guests all to ourselves for some one-on-one coaching!  


Today on the show, we have Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins from Family Church. These two are a power couple Corey and I wouldn’t mind being a little more like,  and I’m so grateful for our time with them.  Jimmy and Kristin are the perfect couple to teach us on parenting today as they are the parents of eight! 


In this episode Jimmy and Kristin walk us through how to navigate some of the challenges that come with parenting, and they also explain what we should expect as christian parents trying to raise christian kiddos.


They also have a brand new book out that is absolutely killer (link below)! While we didn’t have time to dive into all of the details of the book today, I don’t want to forget to mention that in this book they cover how to navigate difficult topics such as gender, sexuality, marriage, technology, substance abuse, bitterness, friendship, mean kids, and more. This book has been a game changer for me and I haven’t been able to stop myself from sharing it with people in real life, so I can’t wait for you all to hear more about it today! Enjoy!


Episode Highlights: 

  • The importance of investing in our kids.
  • How we can allow the Holy Spirit to guide our purpose journeys.
  • Heart transformation vs. behavior modification and why we should work on the former.
  • Formulaic parenting and why there’s a better way.
  • The complexity of our kids and how that impacts our parenting.


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